When I was first introduced to Jenny Williamson, I expected a trainer whose strong suits were dance, Pilates and yoga. A year and a half later, I can say that there is far more to the experience of training with Jenny. She is a focused professional who draws upon her knowledge of movement to build workouts that deepen strength and extend flexibility. Her natural grace in movement informs all of the paces she puts her clients through as she emphasizes fluidity in even the most challenging weight bearing exercise. She takes no prisoners when it comes to encouraging clients to exceed their earlier benchmarks, but is attentive to her clients’ special needs. During the critical two years after hip replacement surgery, Jenny’s focused workouts have helped me surpass my earlier level of fitness. I am stronger than I have ever been and thanks to Jenny, I have returned to ballroom dancing with all the finesse of before.
— -Aphrodite G., 58, Senior Investment Manager
I consider myself fortunate to have Jenny Joseph Williamson as my trainer. It has been one of the best investments in myself I ever made. Her patience and insight into my needs and capabilities have been instrumental in improving my physical abilities and have had positive effects in my daily functioning. I highly recommend her.
— Toby C., 69, Renal Dietician
Training with Jenny is the best choice I’ve ever made for my health. Not only does she design fun, challenging, effective workouts for our time together, but she teaches me how to exercise effectively on my own. After working with Jenny, I can walk into any gym, park, or living room and know exactly what exercises to do for an intense workout. And I can feel confident that my form is correct and safe. But her expertise doesn’t stop at physical activity. Jenny has helped me navigate nutrition too.

My approach to health has become a part of my lifestyle, so much so that throughout my recent pregnancy Jenny and I continued to meet for workouts. She helped me understand how to modify the routine I was accustomed to for my growing belly and ever-changing body. We also talked about proper nutrition for pregnancy. The result was a healthy baby and a quick recovery from my c-section. I was given the go-ahead to return to exercise a month earlier than expected, and I owe that to continuing my training with Jenny throughout the pregnancy. I would recommend Jenny to anyone in search of a warm and nurturing trainer who provides the support and information needed to feel confident in your look, strength and health.
— Rachel S., 28, Entrepreneur & Actress
As a person who was definitely out of synch with my body and exercise for years, I was apprehensive about joining a gym and the struggles that would lay ahead. After meeting Jenny, I immediately felt I had not only a trainer, but a partner to help me meet my challenges head on. Jenny has acted as a trainer, nutritionist and friend, being tough when needed and a champion when I felt it would be hopeless to meet my goals. Training with Jenny for the past two years has changed my health and attitude in ways that transcend the physical. Although I still have many goals to achieve, I cannot imagine a time when the exercise and disciplines Jenny taught me would not be an integral part of my life.
— Felecia V., 43, Designer